Terms & Conditions

Order processing rules

1. The user agrees to provide the correct data for the order.

2. The user undertakes to comply with the availability of his profile/post in order to ensure the fulfillment of our obligations.

3. If you enter incorrect data, change your username, close your profile or delete a post after placing an order, such an order will be considered completed and is not refundable.

4. In the case of the creation of several orders for the same details at the same time, we are not responsible for the delivery of services for the second and other orders. If you want to make an additional order, wait until the current one is completed.

5. In the case of orders with auto-refill, we do not provide a guarantee on your old likes/views/followers. In the case of a drop by a larger percentage than calculated by our system, the refile may be refused.

6. Usually, orders are launched within 1 minute after payment, but this is not guaranteed. We undertake to start the execution of the order within 24 hours after receipt of payment. In case of a delay of 24 hours or more, you can get an additional bonus from us.

7. We try to provide the best quality of services in the market, but each client has his own understanding of the quality of likes/views/followers. Claims for quality are not accepted by us, the service is provided as is. We recommend that you place an order at a small rate for the test, and after that place large orders if the quality suits you.

Privacy policy

1. All user data is reliably protected by modern encryption and security systems.

2. We do not provide our customer data to other services.

3. We do not send junk mail and do not keep spam databases for newsletters.

4. We do not have access to your credit card information. All payments are made through a third-party payment system, which is protected by European and American standards.

Refund policy

1. After creating an order and launching it, it cannot be canceled.

2. In case of changing the username, closing the profile, deleting the post or changing any other data, the order cannot be canceled or returned. Such orders will be deemed completed.

3. Refunds are only possible in cases where we cannot complete your order for some reason. In this case, we will send a notification for you and the funds will be returned to the credit card with which you made the payment.

4. Refunds may be delayed by your bank for up to 5 business days. If within 5 working days you have not received a refund to your card, contact your bank and find out why this happened.