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10 Most Effective Ways for Free Instagram Promotion

Today more and more people become Instagram addicted. They wake up and fall asleep with ideas about posts. Why is it necessary to promote Instagram profiles? There are more than 500 million active users and 100 million photos and videos daily on this social platform. Is it easy to compete with all of them trying to make one’s product or service recognizable? No. Consequently, one should do everything possible to get free Instagram followers, likes, and views.

How to Promote Instagram Profile Safely?

Experts give 10 free tricks that really work in Instagram promotion.

1. Post systematically and daily

Statistic says that the best period for posting starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. Brands have to ‘feed’ their pages from Sunday to Monday. For example, H&M pleases its followers with not less than 3 posts every day to guarantee the highest engagement.

2. Cross-promotion

Do you know someone popular on Instagram? Ask him or her to present your product and you will surely get free Instagram views. Eventually, you may expect new active followers and a higher engagement ratio.

3. The target audience is the MUST!

Every product has its customer. It’s impossible to gather all Instagram users but it is vitally important to get target followers. Those are people who are interested in your service or goods. For instance, travelers can subscribe to those who speak about places of interest around the world, the culture of various nations, and tools that help in traveling. Cross-promotion will help to advertise items and make influencers more popular.

4. Catchy hashtags

While watching TOP videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, one can notice #vinevideo. This is a brand hashtag that is famous in all countries of the globe. You should also create your winning hashtag. Experts recommend adding other popular hashtags related to your topic, product, or service. That’s why celebrities ‘hashtag’ their names, activities, places, and other people who are highlighted in their post. This is a kind of effective cross-promotion as well.

5. Tagging

Tagging always brings free Instagram likes. One posts videos, pics, and stories involving other people and trendy things like clothing, jewelry, food & drinks, places, etc. Consequently, a person should use "@" to tag Instagram friends and "#" to describe other details. “Me and @AnnMonkey trying #H&M tracksuits in #NewYork” is a great caption with tagging.

6. Involve Customers

Fans feel crazy seeing their faces in their idol’s post. If you sell clothes, it will be cool to post your customers wearing your fancy T-shirts with your brand’s hashtag. Ask them to leave feedback about the quality and service. Don’t forget to thank everyone for following you and answer each comment. Show that you LOVE your target audience!

7. Be creative

Get Instagram likes free thanks to your creativity. Do you remember the official movie of BTS “Idol”? Everybody talked about vivid colors and dances they used. It became their specific feature and made even those who were not fond of K-pop watch their video on YouTube. If you lack an idea, you should search for tools and Instagram apps that will help you create stylish articles, photos, and videos.

8. Striking headings

A post should have a title or at least something that must make the viewer read or watch it and, eventually, like it. Brands should think about some exclusive and call-to-action expressions.

9. Clear profile

Think of the name and logo that will be easy to find and to remember. Outstanding people use pseudonyms for that reason. Farrokh Bulsara knew that no one would like to listen to a boy with such a hard-to-say name and a dull look. That’s why we know Freddie Mercury who used the trick of holding a broken microphone, fascinating costumes, and the high-raised hand as his calling card.

10. Stories

Successful story-tellers get Instagram followers free because people like good stories. Brands should tell true stories but use words that create an atmosphere of fairy-tales. These could be posts about their way to success, the customer’s positive experience caused by the purchased product, or inspired by someone’s brave deed.

Moreover, people like flash mobs. The most effective flash mobs are usually devoted to some problems like global warming, sick people, shelters for the poor, orphan asylums, etc. They can call-to-action or collect money that could help to solve the problem or, at least, improve the situation.

NB! Check your engagement ratio. The higher the percentage of followers’ activity is, the more chances you’ll get to have a TOP account and increase the income.

How to Get Free Followers on Instagram?

Many websites sell likes, views, and followers that promote Instagram profiles. Why are they so important? Is it possible to get them free?


Influencers are sweating blood all day trying to impress their followers and get new ones. Each of them is essential because together they promote the content. A person who has instant followers gets more views, likes, and shares. Nevertheless, it’s better to avoid ‘fakes’ who add quantity but don’t add profit to brands.


Some people don’t consider views to be important while others try to get Instagram views free anyway possible. Views say nothing about the quality of the content but they manifest that it is worth seeing. If a video has more than 1 million views, it will appear in the timeline of the target audience and on the top of the search list.


Many users wonder how to get free likes on Instagram. Likes show the quality of the content. Firstly, YouTube videos had only ‘thumbs up’ but later users got a chance to click ‘thumbs down’. That’s why it is necessary to keep to one subject and provide only valuable information, photos, and videos. Only regular posts of high quality make followers like posts and share them on their Instagram pages or via messages. Consequently, other users will see them and would like to subscribe to the influencer trying not to lose the source of the required information, goods, or services.

So, how to get free views on Instagram that lead to likes and followers? The above-mentioned 10 ways will certainly help to get free views, likes, and followers. Besides, one can participate in contests. ‘Give-away’ posts attract many Instagram users that can become active followers who will like and comment on every post.